Westpac Rescue Helicopter joins search for missing helicopter

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter is searching an area on the Central Coast after a helicopter disappeared on Saturday with three people on board.

The chopper has been spotted over Dooralong, Yarramalong and surrounding areas earlier today.

Newcastle crews are conducting the search for a helicopter which took off near Tamworth on Saturday and hasn't been since.

It's believed the privately-owned EC135 helicopter was headed for Mona Vale from Breeza, near Tamworth, on Saturday but never arrived.

Both the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter are currently searching the most likely flight route. Australian Search and Rescue is leading the search with several aircraft reportedly involved. I

t’s understood that no mayday calls we received by the plane, and the AMSA was only made aware that the helicopter had not landed on Monday morning.

A spokesperson for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter confirmed the rescue chopper had been activated this morning to assist with the search.

"A search is currently underway involving a total of eight aircraft including the Newcastle-based Westpac Rescue Helicopter for a helicopter which reportedly left Breeza on Saturday and failed to arrive at its Mona Vale destination," the spokesperson said. "At present Westpac Rescue Helicopter has an area on the Central Coast as its designated area while other aircraft have been assigned to other locations for the present."

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