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The brother of 10 year old Banjo Pilon, who died tragically while skateboarding with friends at Wamberal last year, has performed a moving tribute song at his Australia's Got Talent audition, sending him straight to the next round.

Fletcher Pilon, 14, brought judges Kelly Osbourne and Sophie Monk and much of the audience to tears with his performance of 'Infinite Child', dedicated to Banjo.

"I'm going to play a song that I've written for my brother, his name's Banjo and he passed away about three-and-a-half months ago," Fletcher said. 

"He was 10 years old and four years younger than me, and he was skating on my board actually, in my street."

Sophie Monk called the performance "amazing and incredible", and Eddie Perfect praised Fletcher's strength.

"You are so strong to do what you just did… you have a fire and a courage... I don't know if I'd be upright if I were you, mate," Perfect said. " You're a genuine talent and you're an incredibly impressive human being."

Fletcher received four yes votes and will proceed to the next round.  

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